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Measurement Guidelines

Measurements for a costume are given to aid the costumiers to get the right fit for the actor. 
Different styles of costumes are provided in theatrical productions and just giving 'street clothes' sizes will not ensure that the actor/actress gets a good fit. 
So "38 Regular" is insufficient.
We prefer sizes in inches but can cope with other measurements.

Please note that the waist measurement for men is measured around the true waist not the trouser waist.
The accuracy of waist, chest and trunk sizes are particularly important for tailored items, especially military uniforms when all three are required.

Men's Measurement Sheet

male measurements
Hat size as a measurement around the widest part of the head. 
Collar size around the widest part of the neck. Note UK standard collar sizes are sufficient
Across the shoulders
Outside arm (bent)
Across the back (from armpit to armpit)
Chest size  ( note Trunk measurement is largest measurement around the upper body)
Waist at natural waist (modern clothes are usually below this line). It is safer to use the largest measurement around the trunk
Inside Leg. Actual size please not what the actor usually wears

Ladies' Measurement Sheet

Hat size
Collar size around the widest part of the neck.
Across the shoulders
Bust size
Inside arm
Outside arm. Measure whilst bent
Across the back (from armpit to armpit)
Nape to Waist
Nape to floor