Berenice Stage Costume Hire Gallery:  Grand Duke (1896)
Gallery: Grand Duke First Performed 1896

or The Statutory Duel (March 7, 1896; Savoy Theatre; 123 performances)

Ludwig, an actor, replaces Rudolph, the miserly Grand Duke of Pfennig Halbfennig, after "killing" Rudolph by drawing the Ace in a statutory duel. By assuming all of Rudolph's obligations, he soon finds himself with far more wives, and prospective wives, than he knows what to do with. The most underrated of the G&S operas.

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Swaffham Bulbeck Summer Theatre (Pictures copyright Jet Photographic)

The Chamberlains

Prince of Monte Carlo

Three Chamberlains



A Statutory Duel

Ernest and Julia

The Grand Duke

Meeting the Prince   and Princess of Monte Carlo

A change of Bride

And again

Duchess and Ludwig
Ludwig and Friends

Duchess and Ludwig

Ludwig and two potential brides

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The Grand Duke
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March 7, 1896

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Compiled from The D'Oyly Carte Opera Company In Gilbert and Sullivan Operas: A Record of Productions, 1875-1961.
Compiled by Cyril Rollins and R. John Witts. London: Michael Joseph, 1962